Adding a deposit or promotion to the membership of Basha

After completing the registration process, it allows you to view the existing and displayed cars and you can see the specifications, as well as you can read the reports, and you can also know the prices of the cars sold in this month and according to the arrangement.
If you want to buy directly from the site, you must upgrade your membership to Basha

To upgrade: -
Review one of the approved Pasha auction offices shown on the site map as well as your index in the governorates, and call the phone numbers installed on this site for each agent
Or contacting the main center of the site, Mazad Pasha, at times from 9 am to 9 pm
You can click on the chat icon to correspond
When you contact one of the branches, agents, or direct contact, you must pay an initial deposit to participate in the auction, where you pay $ 200 two hundred dollars in security for each purchase in the amount of $ 10,000 ten thousand dollars.
Meaning if you want to buy a car for less than $ 10,000, you have to pay $ 200, and if it is less than $ 20,000, you have to pay $ 400 insurance to enter the auction and so on.
Or you can review the agent in your governorate and buy through the office
The security deposit will be refunded when you do not purchase a car from our website, or it is considered a first payment from the amount of the car being purchased
When you pay the security deposit, you can obtain a new password that enables you to enter the direct bidding process
The password that you get will open a live account in the auction, and you can buy according to the type of insurance paid
Collecting the insurance amounts is according to a form approved by the Basha auction site and from the exclusive agents announced on the site
The site does not bear any responsibility for any person or any office not registered in the site map
The site map shows the names, addresses and phones of the approved offices
You must ask for a receipt to collect the amount
You can contact the main website at any time by pressing 
on the chat icon